Robes Cannabis

Robes Cannabis is a newly launched premium cannabis company focused on state-of-the-art cultivation methods. The company had recently shifted gears to become a parent company, partnering with BLLRDR, a luxury cannabis brand headed by OVO Sound’s 40. The goal of the website was the highlight Robes’, and their sub-brands’, commitment to producing the highest quality cannabis, with a focus on gaining the interest of future investors.

Project Details

WHEN: 2019

Where: Frontier

Role: Designer, Developer

The website needed to find a balance between Robes’ initial vision and their new parent brand trajectory, highlighting the Robes’ brand and story while also giving both current and future sub-brands a moment to shine.

The pale gold background throughout the site was the solution to finding this balance between the initial Robes’ rich and dark visual identity with the clients ask of a “bright and inviting” web experience, that still felt like it belonged within Robes’ visual language.