Aim Interior Design

Aim Interior Design, a high-end residential interior design firm, felt that their branding was no longer a good representation of their work. The goal was to give Aim an updated look that better reflected their modern style and their personality as a company.

Project Details

WHEN: 2018

Where: Freelance

Role: Designer, Developer


Aim needed a new logo to better represent their shift to doing more modern work. They especially wanted to emphasize the contrast between the structure (the technical skill and planning) and softness (the personal, kind customer service) involved in their work. The final brandmark made use of the founder's handwriting to further highlight this personal approach to design.


Aim's previous website was cluttered and hard for the client to update on their own. The goal was to create a site that was easy to navigate and put the focus on their work, while using Wordpress to give the client the ability to edit and add their own content.